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GENERALQ: What are common class API calls?

A: The common class API calls of the ABOX42 JS-API are mainly controlling the player activities.


M30Q: How do I use the “getNetworkInterfaceIP” call? The code returns an empty string.

A: That's because the device has multiple network interface (lo, eth0, wifi is ra0 (optional)) you must first detect which interface is currently active.  It may happen multiple interfaces are active.  In this case we return the first active Interface (LAN or Wifi).

Example code:

screenshot getActiveIP

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M30Q: Is it possible to disable the screensaver?

A: Yes, you can use the JS-API call "enableScreensaver()" to "turn off" the screensaver. There is an example code available in the API documentation which is best used in your own application. This makes sure the screensaver won't get activated while your application is running.

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M30Q: How can I create my own Speed Check application?

A: On every developer unit you will find the ABOX42 Speed Check. In case you are looking for your own, branded speed check, take a look at what we have to offer on our Smart Solutions - Web Server Runtime page. Choose "My Own Speed Check" and download the zip file provided there. Upload it to your Smart STB and test it right away. With some adjustments you can easily brand this application according to your product/corporate identity.

In addition, there is a complete description of the speed check app's code in Chapter XXV - Speed Check. You can either run this application locally or in the cloud.

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M30Q: How can I set the time zone on the Smart STB?

A: A: There is an extension in the JS-API that handles the timezone topic. Take a closer look at the common class API and look for these calls:

- getSupportedTimezone
- getTimezone
- getTimezoneOffset
- setTimezone

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M30Q: How do I get the exact device model of my Smart STB?

A: The JS-API offers ways to retrieve the exact device model of your Smart STB. In the common class API calls you will find getDeviceModel() which returns the model group, for example "M12". The call getBrandkey then provides the brandkey (e.g. Developer Standard) which holds the information to which sub-model (e.g. M12WM) it is linked.

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