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A: HTML5 is a markup language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web and a core technology of the Internet and add many new syntactic features compared to older revisions, like the new


M30Q: Where can I find an overview of the UI Elements?

A: Here is an overview of the UI Elements and other templates used in our examples and "Smart Solutions": UI Elements Index

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M30Q: I noticed delays in my application while the focus gets drawn. How can I enhance the performance here?

A: After adding a text-shadow or box-shadow element, which gets it's visual focus via the background color, you will experience noticeable delays while drawing. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid shadows in general. So please check if you are using any of the following CSS3 properties and if so, set them to "none":

code performance shadow

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M30Q: I am using fading elements in my application and the performance is not satisfying. How can I enhance it?

A: The most performant solution to fade elements is using the opacity value. Display or even visibility are way slower. Therefore, it is recommended to create a class (e.g. op0) which is added to the DOM element when fading in and removed when fading out.

Especially the use of CSS classes has to proved to be significantly faster compared to adding the value to the DOM element directly.

Here is an example:

code performance fading elements

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M30Q: How does the IPTV package 3 work and what are the main features?

A: The main feature of IPTV package 3 is the support of DVB subtitles. You can launch or download the application on the summary page of Chapter XXVI. The main differences to the other IPTV packages are described in Part 1.

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