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GENERALQ: What is the IDE?

A: IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. The ABOX42 Developer IDE is web-based and is your central tool. It provides all the information you need for your development, ranging from setup instruction, code samples and tutrials to a great variety of full application examples including easy instructions and a full API documentation.


M30Q: Why do I have to register when I am already working with an ABOX42 platform?

A: The Developer IDE works with user accounts to pave the road for upcoming features within the IDE. Therefore, you need to register for the usage. In addition, the registration process helps the developer support to keep their data and requests allocable.

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M30Q: How can I try the Smart Solutions in the Developer IDE directly on the box?

A: You will have to connect the Smart STB with the IDE. How to do that is described in our Step by Step introduction in the IDE, chapter "Read first". Please read carefully and keep in mind that the Smart STB and the Developer IDE need to be running in the same network to make it work.

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M30Q: How long does it take until I receive my account details after registration?

A: Our regular response time during week days (Monday through Friday) we have an approximate response time of 24 hours. Office hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CET. In urgent cases please contact us via the contact form.

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M30Q: How can I access the Developer IDE for M30/M35?

A: In case you already registered, you can login here. If not, please register here for your access to the Developer IDE for M30/M35.

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M30Q: How can I become a developer?

A: Simply register here - we’ll be happy to hear from you and get back to you shortly.

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M30Q: How does the Soft RCU in the Developer IDE work?

A: The Soft RCU is working with the Rest-API provided by the ABOX42 Smart SDK. You can also find another application working in the same way in Chapter XIV - How the Smart SDK enables the Cloud Connection. The Smart RCU in Part 1 of this chapter enables you to control the box with, for example, your smartphone. Further information regarding this topic can also be found in Chapter XV - Mobile Toolkit.

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M30Q: How can I retrieve the current URL in the Smart STB’s browser?

A: On "My Own Application - Web Browser runtime" you can now retrieve the URL the browser is currently showing. We have made the experience, that this is quite helpful for Q&A as well as R&D. Whenever the STB is connected to the IDE, you can easily retrieve the current URL by the press of a button. The URL will be displayed as a link. Either save the URL or directly click on it.

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