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M30Q: There is no audio – what can I do?

A: First of all you need to be clear about the source. Meaning you should know whether it's an analogue or stereo signal or whether it's Dolby Surround. When this is clear, please open the settings app on your box and navigate to "Audio&Video" and check what is selected as "Audio Output". For regular content, please choose "PCM", for Dolby Surround content please select "Passthrough" when using an audio receiver. Please note that when "Passthrough" is selected, the volume can only get adjusted on your audio receiver itself, not on the box anymore.

NOTE: The audio signal is forwarded to the TV or A/V receiver "untouched" and the device has to decode the signal then because the Smart STB itself is not capable of doing so. Be aware that the decoding capabilities of your TV or A/V receiver for passthrough signals is not always identifiable in the fact sheet. Please reassure yourself that the required feature is supported.

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