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M30Q: Are teletext subtitles supported by the platform?

A: Yes, teletext subtitles are supported by the platform. Please take a look at Chapter XXI - IPTV package 1 and view this example on the box. When the teletext is shown, please enter 888 on your RCU to show teletext subtitles for the running stream.

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M30Q: How can I start my service over a TV channel like Red Button does?

A: Take a look at how to load a web app from a remote server while your video stream is running - similar to the Red Button you might already know from conventional TV.

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M30Q: Is multi-audio supported by the platform?

A: Yes, the platform supports multi-audio. Please see Chapter XXII - IPTV package 2 for details and a sample application where you can insert your own multi-audio stream URL.

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M30Q: Does the platform support DVB subtitles?

A: Yes, the platform supports DVB subtitles. The tsstack3 class API calls handle all related functionality, Chapter XXVI - IPTV package 3 holds the referring example. For detailed information on the API calls please take a look at the documentation.

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M30Q: Is there a description of the functionality contained in the “IPTV Example in 3 days”?

A: Yes, we prepared several screencasts for that cause - one for each part. They are available in the Developer IDE, Chapter XX - IPTV Example in 3 days or directly on our YouTube channel.

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M30Q: How does the IPTV package 3 work and what are the main features?

A: The main feature of IPTV package 3 is the support of DVB subtitles. You can launch or download the application on the summary page of Chapter XXVI. The main differences to the other IPTV packages are described in Part 1.

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