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M30Q: Are there any standard guidelines for TV Applications?

A: There are no strict regulations, but there are some things that could be seen as common practice. Take a look at our Style Guide where we state some general considerations.

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M30Q: Is there an example for a full IPTV application including features like teletext, EPG and HbbTV?

A: Yes, in Chapter XX of the Developer IDE you can find an example with the following features:

- Window Manager supporting native windows and web views overlay
- Parser capabilities for transport streams coming by transcoded standard DVB source
- Support of transcoded HLS with Verimatrix DRM mixed with channels based on Smooth Streaming and Playready
- AIT (HbbTV) signaling support by channel configuration mapping (Application Manager and OIPF configuration)
- DVB standard teletext
- HbbTV teletext
- HbbTV Mediathek
- ABOX42 Hybrid EPG Service with extended information including images
- Example of a settings component

There are also screencasts available that will help you understand the code.

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M30Q: How can I start my service over a TV channel like Red Button does?

A: Take a look at how to load a web app from a remote server while your video stream is running - similar to the Red Button you might already know from conventional TV.

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M30Q: How does the .m3u8 playlist has to look like for HLS streams with multiple audio tracks?

A: There is an example for an .m3u8 playlist on the summary page of Chapter XXII. Please take a closer look at it to get an idea how it is built up.

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M30Q: There is no stream running when I start the example from Chapter 22 – IPTV package 2. What do I have to do to make it work?

A: As you might have noticed when looking at the IPTV application we offer in Chapter 22 - IPTV package 2, the first channel in the list is "My Channel". This is where your own stream should be running, all other channels work. There is a description available in Chapter 22 - Part 1 which shows you where to put your stream URL in order to make it work.

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M30Q: Is there a description of the functionality contained in the “IPTV Example in 3 days”?

A: Yes, we prepared several screencasts for that cause - one for each part. They are available in the Developer IDE, Chapter XX - IPTV Example in 3 days or directly on our YouTube channel.

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