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GENERALQ: What is the Mobile Toolkit?

A: The ABOX42 Smart Mobile Toolkit plus RCU allows the customer to use his mobile phone, smartphone or tablet device to navigate and browse content on the STB. With the ABOX42 Smart Mobile Toolkit plus RCU you can stream videos, music or photos from smartphones and tablets on the TV screen via the ABOX42 STBs. In addition, the ABOX42 Smart Mobile Toolkit gives you an extensive workbench including various examples, e.g. API Reference, in order to allow you to build your own mobile application. The ABOX42 Smart Mobile Toolkit enables you to building a converged application and in turn, browsing on mobile as well as playing back from TV.


M30Q: Where can I find the examples for the Mobile Workbench?

A: There are examples within the Mobile Workbench. Simply start the Mobile Workbench as described here and take a look at the first page you see - you will see the examples as indicated on the picture below:

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M30Q: How do I use the Mobile Workbench?

A: Please find information on how to use the Mobile Workbench in "Chapter XV - Part I". Feel free to play around with the API-References and some application examples.

We will be steadily working on the Mobile Workbench - some REST-API calls might still be disabled (marked grey) at this point.

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M30Q: Where can I get the ABOX42 Mobile App?

A: The ABOX42 Mobile App is available for download. Please visit the Developer IDE and see the "Resources" on the summary page of "Chapter XV - Mobile Toolkit".

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M30Q: What is the difference of the commands inside the Mobile Workbench and those commands presented in the section “JS-API” on the ABOX42 developer website?

A: There should be no differences regarding the way the functions work. Using the REST API is similar to calling the commands from the Javascript API, with the difference that you can call these javascript commands from a remote device now.

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M30Q: How are the files transfered to the box?

A: The Javascript API can make use of a dlna object, which handles playing videos automatically for us. Events which get executed when a video gets played can get caught. The way MP3 files and images are played and displayed can be adjusted by the programmer using javsacript inside the application. When images are to be shown, an event handler retrieves the URL of the image on the mobile and displays it using the img tag. See here for more details.

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M30Q: The video is stuttering. What can I do?

A: For a playback without stuttering you need a normal router with a transfer capacity of 45MBit/s. In order to transfer the video to the box, it is getting sent from the smartphone to the router, and from the router back to the box. Therefore you need a fast WLAN with a good reception. One help can be to connect the box to the router using a LAN-cable, then there is one transmission path less. Some mobile devices don't have enough computing power to display a video without stuttering.

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M30Q: The media content is not displayed on the screen. What can I do?

A: Check if you are connected to your box using the same network. Images with more than 20 Megapixels currently cannot get displayed.

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M30Q: Is there a browser? How can I call a URL on the box?

A: Of course there is a browser and there are several ways to call a URL on the box. For instructions please see "Step by Step" in the Developer IDE and click on the tab "Step 4: Your technical evaluation".

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M30Q: How do I use the Mobile Viewer?

A: In Chapter XV - Part 3 you can find a description how to use the Mobile Viewer with the ABOX42 Mobile RCU. In case you want to use a third party application with the Mobile Viewer, please proceed to Part 4 in the same chapter.

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M30Q: How does the Soft RCU in the Developer IDE work?

A: The Soft RCU is working with the Rest-API provided by the ABOX42 Smart SDK. You can also find another application working in the same way in Chapter XIV - How the Smart SDK enables the Cloud Connection. The Smart RCU in Part 1 of this chapter enables you to control the box with, for example, your smartphone. Further information regarding this topic can also be found in Chapter XV - Mobile Toolkit.

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M30Q: How can I create a screencapture from what I am currently looking at?

A: There is an API call that you can use to trigger a screenshot. The image will get saved in the "Developer" folder on the box which you can easily access via FTP. You can also use the Mobile Workbench to do so.

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M30Q: I have installed ABOX42 MobileRCU on my Android Mobile and configured the device serial number correctly, but when i select a video file available in the DLNA tab, it shows “No DRM selected”. Can you please let me know how to rectify this error?

A: Did you make sure that the „Mobile Viewer“ was running on the M30 as well?
If not, please try again with the „Mobile Viewer“ running simultaneously on the Smart STB while selecting content in the MobileRCU app. For more details please see Chapter XV in the Developer IDE.

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M30Q: How does the Mobile RCU in Chapter 37 exactly work?

A: The functionality of the Mobile RCU in Chapter XXXVII is, of course, described in detail in the different parts included in the chapter. Go ahead and take a closer look at Chapter XXXVII - Part 2 to get started.

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M30Q: How do I use the Mobile RCU in Chapter 37?

A: In Chapter XXXVII - Mobile RCU we show you to create a fancy tool that lets you control your Smart STB. Run it on a web server or locally on the Smart STB. In Chapter XXXVII - Part 1 we show you how to use it.

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