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A: The REST-API (REpresentational State Transfer) enables the communication with the Smart STB via the internet/web. REST has emerged as a predominant web API design model and is also used by ABOX42 for different use cases, for example the Mobile Toolkit, the Smart RCU or the ABOX42 Smart SAAS Services.


M30Q: What is the difference of the commands inside the Mobile Workbench and those commands presented in the section “JS-API” on the ABOX42 developer website?

A: There should be no differences regarding the way the functions work. Using the REST API is similar to calling the commands from the Javascript API, with the difference that you can call these javascript commands from a remote device now.

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M30Q: Can I control the Smart STB from within the Developer IDE?

A: Yes, with our new "Soft RCU" feature, which makes use of the REST-API, you can call a virtual RCU that let's you control the Smart STB. The button layout is identical to the one of the Mini RCU that comes with every Smart STB, so it will be familiar and easy to use.

soft rcu screenshot

Simply press on the the button next to the "Settings" gear wheal and the Soft RCU will come up.

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M30Q: How do I use the Mobile Viewer?

A: In Chapter XV - Part 3 you can find a description how to use the Mobile Viewer with the ABOX42 Mobile RCU. In case you want to use a third party application with the Mobile Viewer, please proceed to Part 4 in the same chapter.

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M30Q: How does the Soft RCU in the Developer IDE work?

A: The Soft RCU is working with the Rest-API provided by the ABOX42 Smart SDK. You can also find another application working in the same way in Chapter XIV - How the Smart SDK enables the Cloud Connection. The Smart RCU in Part 1 of this chapter enables you to control the box with, for example, your smartphone. Further information regarding this topic can also be found in Chapter XV - Mobile Toolkit.

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M30Q: How can I retrieve the current URL in the Smart STB’s browser?

A: On "My Own Application - Web Browser runtime" you can now retrieve the URL the browser is currently showing. We have made the experience, that this is quite helpful for Q&A as well as R&D. Whenever the STB is connected to the IDE, you can easily retrieve the current URL by the press of a button. The URL will be displayed as a link. Either save the URL or directly click on it.

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M30Q: How can I find out the URL of the media currently shown on the box?

A: In "Market Proven" you will find "My Own Video - Media Player runtime" where you can play any video URL. In case you want to find out the URL of a video that is currently playing, use the "Get current URL" feature to retrieve the URL you are looking for.

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M30Q: How does the Mobile RCU in Chapter 37 exactly work?

A: The functionality of the Mobile RCU in Chapter XXXVII is, of course, described in detail in the different parts included in the chapter. Go ahead and take a closer look at Chapter XXXVII - Part 2 to get started.

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M30Q: How do I use the Mobile RCU in Chapter 37?

A: In Chapter XXXVII - Mobile RCU we show you to create a fancy tool that lets you control your Smart STB. Run it on a web server or locally on the Smart STB. In Chapter XXXVII - Part 1 we show you how to use it.

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