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GENERALQ: What is a Smart RCU?

A: Well, our understanding of a Smart RCU is any second screen device, preferably a smartphone or tablet device, equipped with software that enables the user to remotely control the box via the network, making use of the REST-API capabilities provided by the Smart SDK. In addition to the remote control, you can also stream content stored in the cloud or on the device's local storage.


M30Q: Where can I find the examples for the Mobile Workbench?

A: There are examples within the Mobile Workbench. Simply start the Mobile Workbench as described here and take a look at the first page you see - you will see the examples as indicated on the picture below:

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M30Q: Can I control the Smart STB from within the Developer IDE?

A: Yes, with our new "Soft RCU" feature, which makes use of the REST-API, you can call a virtual RCU that let's you control the Smart STB. The button layout is identical to the one of the Mini RCU that comes with every Smart STB, so it will be familiar and easy to use.

soft rcu screenshot

Simply press on the the button next to the "Settings" gear wheal and the Soft RCU will come up.

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M30Q: How does the Soft RCU in the Developer IDE work?

A: The Soft RCU is working with the Rest-API provided by the ABOX42 Smart SDK. You can also find another application working in the same way in Chapter XIV - How the Smart SDK enables the Cloud Connection. The Smart RCU in Part 1 of this chapter enables you to control the box with, for example, your smartphone. Further information regarding this topic can also be found in Chapter XV - Mobile Toolkit.

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M30Q: How does the Mobile RCU in Chapter 37 exactly work?

A: The functionality of the Mobile RCU in Chapter XXXVII is, of course, described in detail in the different parts included in the chapter. Go ahead and take a closer look at Chapter XXXVII - Part 2 to get started.

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M30Q: How do I use the Mobile RCU in Chapter 37?

A: In Chapter XXXVII - Mobile RCU we show you to create a fancy tool that lets you control your Smart STB. Run it on a web server or locally on the Smart STB. In Chapter XXXVII - Part 1 we show you how to use it.

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M30Q: Is there an example for a virtual RCU?

A: In case you are looking for extended functionality for your users, you might want to think about implementing a virtual RCU as you can find it in the Developer IDE. Simply click on the RCU icon next to the settings button (gear wheel) of the Developer IDE.
settings and soft rcu button IDE
Please contact us for details.

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