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GENERALQ: What is Smart SAAS?

A: First of all, it has to be understood that SAAS stands for Software AsAService or also known as "Software on demand".This means that you can access the software via an internet browser and you don't need a local installation on your computer or mobile device, because the software delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally hosted in the cloud. Hence, ABOX42 Smart SAAS is a collection of different services that helps you manage and operate your STBs in the field, retrieve analytic report information, get statistical data and more. For detailed information please visit or contact us.


M30Q: Have you ever wondered what “FSI” means when updating your Smart STB?

A: "FSI" describes a software image including a defined set of software components which can be categorized as:

- kernel
- root fs
- applications

This software image usually is changed by the "Updater" process provided on the dashboard behind the tile "Updater". The FSI can also contain functionalities which are typically offered by the service operator towards the customers. The frequency of the update depends usually on the improvements for the platform software components and the functions that the service operator wants to offer.
In a very first step while the devices are manufactured a dedicated software image comes to the Smart STB especially to support the first time setup, also called "First Installation Wizard". We name this software image "SSI".

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