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GENERALQ: What is meant by storage?

A: There are several ways to store data - either on the Smart STB itself or on a web server. The topics filed under storage in the Developer IDE mainly handle the storage on the Smart STB itself like Cookies or other local storage possibilities.


M30Q: How can I play content from a USB storage device?

A: Take a look at Chapter XI - Part 4 to see how to create an application that lets you play content from a USB storage device connected to the Smart STB.

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M30Q: How do I store something locally using a database?

A: We suggest to use a database called with the PHP API for read / write actions to avoid system damage. Especially the risk of damaging the flash memory will be decreased by that approach. For the the control of the maximum sizing, the application is responsible itself, so without a careful handling of (especially writing) persistence data, an application can run the system in a deadlock situation as it could be possible with a "regular PC".

Regarding the interaction with the browser, it is necessary to read / write the data in the following way:

a. php with database as "server" - locally running with localhost.

b. Ajax calls against the localhost, so the application in the browser has a fully supported persistent layer on the box.

Local Storage Example...

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M30Q: How are Cookies handled on the box?

A: Take a look at our example in the IDE to see how to handle cookies correctly. In addition, you can take a look at the documentation of this example filed under Chapter XI - Storage.

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M30Q: How can I store data on the box?

A: There are several possibilities:

Cookies are best when you want to store litte data (e.g. session keys).

Storage via HTML5 LocalStorage is also available.

- Storage via local SQLite database is another possibility you should look at.

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M30Q: Can I use HTML5 local storage?

A: Yes, this feature is supported by the browser. Take a look at our IDE example and read the documentation filed under Chapter XI - Storage.

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