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GENERALQ: What is web technology?

A: Web technology has a broad interpretation, since there are a lot of programming/computer languages which are used in the world wide web. When we use the term web technologies, we are mainly talking about technologies like HTML, CSS, Stylesheets, JavaScript, PHP and REST.


M30Q: Is it possible to customize the back button of the RCU?

A: In case you want to disable the back button or any other button, you will have to interrupt the default event with the JavaScript method "event.PreventDefault()" which is widely used.

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M30Q: How do I get the latest update for my Smart STB?

A: This is how you can update your box. Please follow the instructions in "Step 2 - Prepare your desk".

Latest Version for M30 “Developer Standard”: Version 1.7 (FSI.2010.2002.1880.0) For detailed information see here.

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M30Q: Are there any standard guidelines for TV Applications?

A: There are no strict regulations, but there are some things that could be seen as common practice. Take a look at our Style Guide where we state some general considerations.

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M30Q: Where can I find an overview of the UI Elements?

A: Here is an overview of the UI Elements and other templates used in our examples and "Smart Solutions": UI Elements Index

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M30Q: Is there an example for a full IPTV application including features like teletext, EPG and HbbTV?

A: Yes, in Chapter XX of the Developer IDE you can find an example with the following features:

- Window Manager supporting native windows and web views overlay
- Parser capabilities for transport streams coming by transcoded standard DVB source
- Support of transcoded HLS with Verimatrix DRM mixed with channels based on Smooth Streaming and Playready
- AIT (HbbTV) signaling support by channel configuration mapping (Application Manager and OIPF configuration)
- DVB standard teletext
- HbbTV teletext
- HbbTV Mediathek
- ABOX42 Hybrid EPG Service with extended information including images
- Example of a settings component

There are also screencasts available that will help you understand the code.

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M30Q: How do I initialize ul elements with $.fn.grid.element when using gridJS?

A: You will find an introduction including a screencast (video tutorial) that shows you how to initialize ul elements with $.fn.grid.element in Chapter IV - Part 2.

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M30Q: How can I start my service over a TV channel like Red Button does?

A: Take a look at how to load a web app from a remote server while your video stream is running - similar to the Red Button you might already know from conventional TV.

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M30Q: How can I retrieve the current URL in the Smart STB’s browser?

A: On "My Own Application - Web Browser runtime" you can now retrieve the URL the browser is currently showing. We have made the experience, that this is quite helpful for Q&A as well as R&D. Whenever the STB is connected to the IDE, you can easily retrieve the current URL by the press of a button. The URL will be displayed as a link. Either save the URL or directly click on it.

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M30Q: Does the M20 platform support Flash?

A: The ABOX42 platforms do not support Flash in general. There are several reasons for that, for example the announcement by Adobe to discontinue the support of Flash in the future or the fact that other technologies are being established on the OTT and IPTV market. Please take a look at the Media Player Formats overview table in the Developer IDE. In case you need further information, please contact us.

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M30Q: Do I have to update the Smart STB’s firmware (FSI/SSI) manually or does it update automatically?

A: You will have to update your Smart STB manually. Please launch the "Updater" app on your box. The first thing you will see is the FSI update (firmware) and when a new version is available, this info is indicated on the screen.

Pressing the red button on the RCU in the Updater app will switch the view to the SSI update (systemupdate) which also indicates when there is a new SSI available.

In both cases, you will have to trigger the process manually.

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M30Q: How does the .m3u8 playlist has to look like for HLS streams with multiple audio tracks?

A: There is an example for an .m3u8 playlist on the summary page of Chapter XXII. Please take a closer look at it to get an idea how it is built up.

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M30Q: There is no stream running when I start the example from Chapter 22 – IPTV package 2. What do I have to do to make it work?

A: As you might have noticed when looking at the IPTV application we offer in Chapter 22 - IPTV package 2, the first channel in the list is "My Channel". This is where your own stream should be running, all other channels work. There is a description available in Chapter 22 - Part 1 which shows you where to put your stream URL in order to make it work.

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M30Q: I noticed delays in my application while the focus gets drawn. How can I enhance the performance here?

A: After adding a text-shadow or box-shadow element, which gets it's visual focus via the background color, you will experience noticeable delays while drawing. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid shadows in general. So please check if you are using any of the following CSS3 properties and if so, set them to "none":

code performance shadow

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M30Q: I am using fading elements in my application and the performance is not satisfying. How can I enhance it?

A: The most performant solution to fade elements is using the opacity value. Display or even visibility are way slower. Therefore, it is recommended to create a class (e.g. op0) which is added to the DOM element when fading in and removed when fading out.

Especially the use of CSS classes has to proved to be significantly faster compared to adding the value to the DOM element directly.

Here is an example:

code performance fading elements

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M30Q: How do I create a speed check application in the cloud?

A: We already explained how the speed check application that runs locally on the Smart STB works. In Chapter XXV - Speed Check you will find an application that you can also run in the cloud. This provides the possibility to fully customize and brand your speed check application.

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M30Q: Is there a detailed description of the template used for the speed check app?

A: In case you need a detailed description of the template which is used for the Speed Check application in the cloud, take a look at Chapter XXV - Part 1, you will find all you need to know.

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M30Q: What do I have to do to carry through a ping test in the speed check app?

A: Go to Chapter XXV - Part 2 to see how to carry through a ping test in your speed check application in the cloud.

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M30Q: What do I have to do to measure the download speed of a file in the speed check app?

A: In Chapter XXV - Part 3 we explain how to measure the download speed of a file in the speed check application in details. Go ahead and take a look at it now.

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M30Q: How do I create a proper result message in the speed check app?

A: When the speed check app actually has some result to display, you will have to create a proper result message. In the last part of Chapter XXV (Part 4) you will find an example of how we do it.

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M30Q: Is there a description of the functionality contained in the “IPTV Example in 3 days”?

A: Yes, we prepared several screencasts for that cause - one for each part. They are available in the Developer IDE, Chapter XX - IPTV Example in 3 days or directly on our YouTube channel.

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M30Q: Is there any rule which disables the keydown/keyup/keypress events when a button is held down continuously?

A: Yes, there is a possibility to kill all further keypress events but the initial one when a button on the RCU is pressed continuously. Take a look at the code below:

key blocker

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M30Q: Is there any way to enable continuous input on a button, for example holding down the OK button?

A: Yes, there is a possibility to track when a button is held continuously and to assign a functionality to it. Here is some example code for that case:

key hold functionality

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M30Q: I can’t access the Developer IDE with my credentials and the reset password function doesn’t work either what should I do?

A: In case you can't access the Developer IDE with your credentials as usual, please try to reset your password by clicking on "Register Lost Password". In case you don't receive an email, please contact us.

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M30Q: What can I use the setConfig() call of the JS-API for?

A: The media class API holds the setConfig() call. In combination with you can easily manipulate the playout of your stream. For example you can set the maximum bitrate or the DRM type. Check out more details in the Developer IDE.

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M30Q: How does the event listener work?

A: The Smart STB is able to make calls to a function according to the state of the video, which means it’s able to listen to occurring events. In Chapter XXXIX - Event listener and parameters we describe how to use the event listener correctly.

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